The festival mâchon!

Sunday, October 22 at 8:30 in the morning, join in at La Meunière!

MÂCHON : noun, to chew. A gastronomy tradition of Lyon ser- ved bright and early in the morning by typically local restaurants with a menu based on pork dishes or tripes, washed down with glasses of Beaujolais or Mâcon.

Good films
, okay. But good friends and good food too! This year, again at La Meunière, you’ll take in all the great values of the mâchon. Nearly 100 years old, this ”bouchon,” representing all that is authentic, rustic and generous, was taken over in 2014 by bistro duo Franck Delhoum (Le Potager des Halles, Lyon 1st) and Olivier Canal (Les Oliviers, Lyon 6th). The chefs will prepare the traditional mâchon we've invited Lumière movie buffs to for the last several years.

The mâchon is a typical Lyonnais morning meal where good humor is on par with great food! And, who knows, maybe you'll have the chance to raise a glass in the early morning and say “cheers” with some of the festival guests...




Reservations required from Tuesday, September 26
By phone at +33 (0)4 78 78 18 95 and at the festival points of sale. Subject to availability.

La Meunière, 11 rue Neuve, Lyon 1st
Price: 30 €


Discover the bouchon the Meunière, its chef Olivier Canal, and all the practical information you need on our website partner,, the site of 100% Lyonnais restaurants!
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