Trésors et curiosités

Lovers of little-known films and rarities, reserve your seats for these screenings brought to you by the film libraries (or producers) from around the world - Finland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Lebanon, Slovakia.



Pieces of Love
 by Ivan Cherkelov (Parcheta lyubov, 1989, 1h31) 
Three young couples live as one family. Soon, they all realize this existence no longer makes them happy... An exploration of the morals and behaviour of Bulgarian society by a major figure of its national cinema.
Lumière Bellecour Wed. 18 at 4:45pm I Lumière Fourmi Thu. 19 at 2:30pm


The White Reindeer
 by Erik Blomberg (Valkoinen peura, 1952, 1h08) 
In Lapland, a witch turns into a magnificent white reindeer and lures men into a fatal trap... An immense classic of Finnish cinema and a legendary International Film Award winner at the Cannes Film Festival.
Lumière Fourmi Sun. 15 at 7:45pm Pathé Bellecour Mon. 16 at 6:30pm


  by Zoltán Fábri (Körhinta, 1956, 1h30) 
Hungary in the 1950s. Mari is in love with Maté, but her father wants to marry her to a rich peasant... The film shook up the Cannes Film Festival and revealed the great Mari Törõcsik in her very first role.
Lumière Bellecour Mon. 16 at 7pm Lumière Fourmi Tue. 17 at 5pm


Vers l'inconnu ?
 by Georges Nasser (Ila Ayn ?, 1957, 1h20) 
Abandoned by her husband who leaves for Brazil, a woman raises her children alone. The eldest decides to leave one day too... An intimate drama that explores exile and Lebanese society.
Lumière Bellecour Fri. 20 at 7pm Pathé Bellecour Sat. 21 at 8pm

Un certain Nasser by Badih Massaad et Antoine Waked (2017, 1h) 
Lebanese filmmaker Georges Nasser has had an impact on the cinema of his country. Director of Vers l’inconnu ? , selected in Cannes in 1957, he tells his story, between successes, struggles and disappointments.
Lumière Bellecour Fri. 20 at 7pm after Vers l’inconnu ? by Georges Nasser


The Shop on Main Street
 by Ján Kadár and Elmar Klos (Obchod na Korze, 1965, 2h08) 
1942, in a Slovak village. A carpenter must take over the shop of an old Jewish woman, ignorant of racial laws. An affectionate relationship is born... Tragicomic, deeply human, Oscar for best foreign film.
Pathé Bellecour Wed. 18 at 4:45pm I Lumière Fourmi Thu. 19 at 9pm


The Bloody Lady
 by Viktor Kubal (Krvavá pani, 1980, 1h14) 
A countess falls in love with a woodcutter, but must return to her castle. Before leaving, she offers him her heart (literally and figuratively), which provokes horrible consequences... A famous Slovak folktale, adapted into an animated film.
Lumière Fourmi Wed. 18 at 8:30pm Pathé Bellecour Thu. 19 at 9pm




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