Carte blanche to Wong Kar-wai

Ten Chinese films of the 2000s selected by Wong Kar-wai.


PTU 2003 06


Durian Durian by Fruit Chan (Liu lian piao piao, 2000, 1h56)
Yan, a Hong Kong prostitute, will return to northern China when her visa expires. She meets Fan, also in an irregular situation... A committed film which launched the career of Qin Hailu, who received multiple awards for her portrayal of Yan.
Institut Lumière Tue. 17 at 2pm

Infernal Affairs by Andrew Lau et Alan Mak (Mou gaan dou, 2002, 1h41) 
Ming infiltrates the police on behalf of organized crime, while policeman Yan plays a mole in the underworld... A relentless thriller and masterful duel between Andy Lau and Tony Leung, who inspired The Departed by Scorsese.
Comœdia Mon. 16 at 9:30pm I Vénissieux Wed. 18 at 8:30pm I Pathé Bellecour Sat. 21 at 9pm

PTU by Johnnie To (2003, 1h28, Int. - 12 ans)
Officer Lo has his gun stolen by a bunch of thugs. He takes off in pursuit with the help of the Police Tactical Unit... At the crossroads of genres, a violent and poetic movie of magnetic beauty.Pathé Bellecour di 15 à 22h30 I Lumière Bellecour Thu. 19 at 9:15pm I Comœdia Fri. 20 at 10pm

Kung Fu Hustle by Stephen Chow (Kung fu, 2004, 1h39) 
Shanghai, 1940. Sing finds himself caught in a battle between the notorious Axe gang and legendary kung fu masters... In the great tradition of the sword film, a crazy, zany comedy, bursting with references.
Villa Lumière Tue. 17 at 6:15pm I Institut Lumière Sat. 21 at 10pm

You are the Apple of my Eye by Giddens Ko (Na xie nian, wo men yi qi zhui de nv hai, 2011, 1h49)
A high school group of friends falls under the spell of the beautiful Shen Chia-yi. Only Ko Ching-teng claims not to be in love with her... An autobiographical romance, one of the greatest successes of Taiwanese cinema.
Institut Lumière Sun. 22 at 2:45pm

Rigor Mortis by Juno Mak (Geung si, 2013, 1h41)
Chin, a fading actor, rents an apartment haunted by spirits... Juno Mak resurrects the Chinese vampire movie. A popular movie in film festivals, never screened before in France.
Lumière Bellecour Wed. 18 at 9:45pm I Cinéma Opéra Fri. 20 at 9:45pm

Breakup Buddies by Ning Hao (Xin hua lu fang, 2014, 1h56) 
Upset by his divorce, a former singer goes on the road with his best friend to forget his sorrows... This offbeat and romantic comedy was met with great populartiey when released in Chinese theaters.
Institut Lumière Fri. 20 at 4:30pm

Blind Massage by Lou Ye (Tui na, 2014, 1h54)
The everyday dreams and loves of the blind employees of a massage parlor... Lou Ye films an intimate picture with great finesse. Winner of the Silver Bear prize at the Berlin International Film Festival.
Comœdia Wed. 18 at 10:45am I Villa Lumière Wed. 18 at 10pm 

The Final Master by Xu Haofeng (Shi Fu, 2015, 1h49)
At the beginning of the 20th century, Chen arrives in Tianjin to open his school of kung-fu... Screenwriter for The Grandmaster by Wong Kar-wai, Xu Haofeng directs a film of great elegance with breathtaking battles!
Lumière Bellecour Tue. 17 at 7:30pm I Cinéma Opéra Wed. 18 at 2:45pm

Last Laugh by Zhang Tao (2017, 1h20)
While awaiting a place in a hospice facility, an old woman lives with her children. One day, she is overtaken by an uncontrollable laugh... A first foray into the relationship of Chinese society and its aging population.
Villa Lumière Sun. 15 at 4:15pm I Lumière Terreaux Fri. 20 at 5pm



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