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First-ever releases on the big screen: discover all about the actress Gene Tierney, the cinephile Jean Douchet, Alfred Greven, who ran the Continental (French production company during the Occupation), Henri-Georges Clouzot, Anna Karina, Carlo Di Palma, Jean-Paul Rappeneau and Le Méliès movie theater in Grenoble.

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Water and Sugar: Carlo Di Palma, the Colours of Life  by Fariborz Kamkari (De l’eau et du sucre : Carlo Di Palma, les couleurs de la vie,2016, 1h30)  
This cinematographer collaborated with the greatest of Italian directors (Antonioni, Visconti, De Sica, Rossellini...) before working with Woody Allen. A movie buff’s portrait of a craftsman and master of lighting and colors.
Villa Lumière Fri. 20 at 11am

Anna Karina, souviens-toi by Dennis Berry (2017, 54min)   
In a movie theater, Anna Karina looks back on her career. Dennis Berry, the actress’s partner for over thirty years, gives us a moving portrait of this emblematic figure of the New Wave… and of French cinema itself.
Villa Lumière Thu. 19 at 7pm 

Filmworker by Tony Zierra (2017, 1h34) 
In 1975, Leon Vitali played Lord Bullington in Barry Lyndon. After meeting Kubrick, the actor shifted careers, becoming Kubrick’s right-hand-man for 25 years. A look back on this figure in the shadows.
Villa Lumière Mon. 16 at 9:45am

Gene Tierney: A Forgotten Star by Clara and Julia Kuperberg (2017, 52min)  
A film about the actress Gene Tierney, including testimonials by Martin Scorsese and Joseph McBride. The portrait of a somewhat forgotten actress, a heroine of the greatest directors (Sternberg, Mankiewicz, Preminger, Ford).
Villa Lumière Fri. 20 at 4:45pm

Jean Douchet, Restless Child
 by Fabien Hagège, Guillaume Namur and Vincent Haasser (Jean Douchet, l’enfant agité, 2017, 1h25)    
A lively portrait of an eternal enthusiast by three young film buffs /film-makers. They follow the man who spent his life sharing his love of the cinema and questioning those he met along the way.
Villa Lumière Sat. 21 at 11am

La Continental : Le mystère Greven byClaudia Collao (2017, 52min)  
Alfred Greven was appointed by Goebbels to create the company Continental Films in France, during the Occupation. Who was Greven, the head of this most innovative of French studios, which produced movies during a somber period in history?
Villa Lumière Wed. 18 at 11:30am andSun. 22 at 10:15am

Le Nouveau Monde by Vincent Sorrel (2017, 1h10)   
Created in 1967, The Méliès, an associative cinema house in Grenoble, nearly disappeared due to lack of financial support. Vincent Sorrel decided to film the reconstruction of this institution.
Villa Lumière Sun. 15 at 11:15am

Le Scandale Clouzot by Pierre-Henri Gibert (2017, 1h)
Despite influencing major contemporary filmmakers (Friedkin, Spielberg), Clouzot remains under-appreciated in France. Peering into his extraordinary life and his works, one discovers an elusive, versatile and inventive man.
Villa Lumière Tue. 17 at 2:30pm and Sun. 22 at 11:45am

Dans les pas de Jean-Paul Rappeneau by Jérôme Wybon (2017, 1h10)   
Jean-Paul Rappeneau has directed and written both popular and challenging films (Cyrano de Bergerac, The Scoundrel, Le Sauvage, or All Fired Up). The filmmaker takes a look back on his career for the first time.
Villa Lumière Wed. 18 at 7:45pm


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