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Opening night

North by Northwest by Alfred Hitchcock (1959, 2h16)
Guest of honor : Eddy Mitchell

Wong Kar-wai: Lumière Award 2017

As Tears Go By by Wong Kar-wai (Wang Jiao ka men, 1988, 1h28) 
Days of Being Wild by Wong Kar-wai (Ah fei zing zyun, 1990, 1h34) 
Chungking Express by Wong Kar-wai (Chung Hing sam lam, 1994, 1h37) 
Ashes of Time by Wong Kar-wai (Dung che sai duk, 1994, 1h33) 
Fallen Angels by Wong Kar-wai (Do lok tin si, 1995, 1h36) 
Happy Together by Wong Kar-wai (Chun gwong cha sit, 1997, 1h36) 
In the Mood for Love by Wong Kar-wai (Faa yeung nin wa, 2000, 1h38) 
2046 by Wong Kar-wai (2004, 2h08) 
My Blueberry Nights by Wong Kar-wai (2007, 1h35) 
The Grandmaster by Wong Kar-wai (Yi dai zong shi, 2013, 2h03) 
Short film
Eros - segment The Hand by Wong Kar-wai (46min) 
Christopher Doyle
by Tiong Guan Saw (2016, 33min) 
Master class
Master class by Wong Kar-wai


Carte blanche to Wong Kar-wai

Chinese films of the 2000s
Durian Durian by Fruit Chan (Liu lian piao piao, 2000, 1h56) 
Infernal Affairs by Andrew Lau and Alan Mak (Mou gaan dou, 2002, 1h41) 
PTU by Johnnie To (PTU, 2003, 1h28) 
Kung-Fu Hustle by Stephen Chow (Kung fu, 2004, 1h39) 
You are the Apple of my Eye by Giddens Ko (Na xie nian, wo men yi qi zhui de nv hai, 2011, 1h49) 
Rigor Mortis by Juno Mak (Geung si, 2013, 1h41) 
Blind Massage by Lou Ye (Tui na, 2014, 1h54) 
Breakup Buddies by Ning Hao (Xin hua lu fang, 2014, 1h56) 
The Final Master by Xu Haofeng (Shi Fu, 2015, 1h49) 
Last Laugh by Zhang Tao (2017, 1h20) 

Le mystère Clouzot

The Murderer Lives at Number 21by Henri-Georges Clouzot (L’Assassin habite au 21, 1942, 1h28)   
The Raven by Henri-Georges Clouzot (Le Corbeau, 1943, 1h32) 
Quai des Orfèvres by Henri-Georges Clouzot (1947, 1h46) 
Manon by Henri-Georges Clouzot (1949, 1h45) 
Miquette by Henri-Georges Clouzot (Miquette et sa mère, 1950, 1h35) 
The Wages of Fear by Henri-Georges Clouzot (Le Salaire de la peur, 1953, 2h36) 
Diaboliques by Henri-Georges Clouzot (Les Diaboliques,1955, 1h57) 
The Mystery of Picasso by Henri-Georges Clouzot (Le mystère Picasso, 1956, 1h18) 
The Spies by Henri-Georges Clouzot (Les Espions, 1957, 2h05) 
The Truth by Henri-Georges Clouzot (La Vérité, 1960, 2h10) 
Woman in Chains by Henri-Georges Clouzot (La Prisonnière, 1968, 1h46) 
Clouzot, screenwriter
Le Duel by Pierre Fresnay (1941, 1h16) 
The Last One of the Six by Georges Lacombe (Le Dernier des six, 1941, 1h37) 
Clouzot in the 1930s
La Terreur des Batignolles by Henri-Georges Clouzot (1931, 15min) 
Dream Castle by Geza von Bolváry (Château de rêve, 1933, 1h23) 
Features on Clouzot
Return to Life by André Cayatte, Georges Lampin, Henri-Georges Clouzot and Jean Dréville (Retour à la vie,1949, 2h) 
Brasil by Henri-Georges Clouzot (1950, 13min) 
Henri-Georges Clouzot’s Inferno by Serge Bromberg and Ruxandra Medrea (L'Enfer d'Henri-Georges Clouzot, 2009, 1h36) 
La Continental : le mystère Greven by Claudia Collao (2017, 52min) 
Le Scandale Clouzot by Pierre-Henri Gibert (2017, 1h) 
Master class
Pierre-Henri Gibert on Henri-Georges Clouzot


Classic Westerns

The Ox-Bow Incident by William A. Wellman (1943, 1h15) 
My Darling Clementine by John Ford (1946, 1h37) 
Pursued by Raoul Walsh (1947, 1h41) 
Red River by Howard Hawks (1948, 2h13) 
Broken Arrow by Delmer Daves (1950, 1h33) 
Devil’s Doorway by Anthony Mann (1950, 1h23) 
High Noon by Fred Zinnemann (1952, 1h25) 
The Naked Spur by Anthony Mann (1953, 1h30) 
Shane by George Stevens (1953, 1h58) 
Man Without a Star by King Vidor (1955, 1h29) 
From Hell to Texas by Henry Hathaway (1958, 1h40) 
Gunman’s Walk by Phil Karlson (1958, 1h37) 
Day of the Outlaw by André De Toth (1959, 1h32) 
The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance by John Ford (1962, 2h03) 

A Permanent History of Women Filmmakers

Girls in Uniform by Léontine Sagan (Mädchen in Uniform, 1931, 1h27) 
Paris 1900 by Nicole Védrès (1947, 1h22) 
Together by Lorenza Mazzetti (1956, 52min) 
Wanda by Barbara Loden (1970, 1h37) 
Living Together by Anna Karina (1973, 1h33) 


Sublime Moments of Silent Cinema

L'Ascension du Mont-Blanc (1907, 14min) 
The Italian Straw Hat by René Clair (Un chapeau de paille d’Italie, 1928, 1h55) 
The Iron Mask by Allan Dwan (1929, 1h43) 
Kinemacolor (1905-1917, 1h20) 

Retrospective Harold Lloyd

Feature Films
Safety Last! by Fred C. Newmeyer and Sam Taylor (1923, 1h10) 
Why Worry? by Fred C. Newmeyer and Sam Taylor (1923, 1h) 
Girl Shy by Fred C. Newmeyer and Sam Taylor (1924, 1h22) 
The Freshman by Fred C. Newmeyer and Sam Taylor (1925, 1h16) 
The Kid Brother by Lewis Milestone and Ted Wilde (1926, 1h24) 
Speedy by Ted Wilde (1927, 1h26) 
Short films, program 1
Captain Kidd’s Kids by Hal Roach (1919, 19min) 
The Marathon by Alf Goulding (1919, 10min) 
Just Neighbors by Harold Lloyd and Frank Terry (1919, 9min) 
By the Sad Sea Waves by Alf Goulding (1917, 10min) 
Short films, program 2
Get Out and Get Under by Hal Roach (1920, 25min) 
An Eastern Westerner by Hal Roach (1920, 23min) 
Never Weaken by Fred C. Newmeyer and Sam Taylor (1921, 29min)

Buster Keaton, Part 2

Feature Films
The Navigator by Donald Crisp and Buster Keaton (1924, 1h05
Battling Butler by Buster Keaton (1926, 1h17) 
Short films program
The Goat by Buster Keaton and Malcolm St. Clair (1921, 23min) 
Neighbors by Buster Keaton and Edward F. Cline (1920, 18min) 
The Frozen North by Buster Keaton and Edward F. Cline (1922, 17min) 


Invitation to…

Tilda Swinton

Edward II by Derek Jarman (1991, 1h26) 
Michael Clayton by Tony Gilroy (2007, 1h59) 
Only Lovers Left Alive by Jim Jarmusch (2013, 2h03) 
The Seasons in Quincy: Four Portraits of John Berger by Bartek Dziadosz, Colin MacCabe, Christopher Roth and Tilda Swinton (2016, 1h30) 
Master class
Meet Tilda Swinton

Michael Mann

Heat by Michael Mann (1995, 2h50) 

Diane Kurys

Cocktail Molotov by Diane Kurys (1980, 1h32) 
Entre Nous by Diane Kurys (Coup de foudre,1983, 1h50) 
A Man in Love by Diane Kurys (Un homme amoureux, 1987, 2h05) 
C’est la vie by Diane Kurys (La Baule-les-Pins, 1990, 1h38) 
Master class
Meet Diane Kurys

Anna Karina

A Woman is a Woman by Jean-Luc Godard (Une femme est une femme, 1961, 1h25) 
Living Together by Anna Karina (Vivre ensemble, 1973, 1h33) 
Anna Karina souviens-toi by Dennis Berry (2017, 54min) 
Master class
Meet Anna Karina

William Friedkin

The French Connection by William Friedkin (1971, 1h44) 
The Exorcist (director's cut) by William Friedkin (1973, 2h11) 
Sorcerer by William Friedkin (1977, 2h01) 
Cruising by William Friedkin (1980, 1h42) 
Master class
Meet William Friedkin

Jean-François Stévenin

Mountain Pass by Jean-François Stévenin (Passe-montagne, 1978, 1h53) 
Double Gentlemen by Jean-François Stévenin (Double Messieurs, 1986, 1h30) 
Mischka by Jean-François Stévenin (2002, 1h57) 
Master class
Meet Jean-François Stévenin

Guillermo del Toro 

Cronos by Guillermo del Toro (1993, 1h34) 
Hellboy by Guillermo del Toro (2004, 2h12) 
Pan’s Labyrinth by Guillermo del Toro (El laberinto del fauno, 2006, 1h52) 
Pacific Rim by Guillermo del Toro (2013, 2h12) 
More on Guillermo del Toro
Five Came Back – Episode 1 The Mission Begins by Laurent Bouzereau (2017, 59min) 
Five Came Back – Episode 2 Combat Zones by Laurent Bouzereau (2017, 1h07) 
Five Came Back – Episode 3 The Price of Victory by Laurent Bouzereau (2017, 1h09) 
The Shape of Water by Guillermo del Toro (2017, 2h) 
GDT Carte blanche
Diaboliques by Henri-Georges Clouzot (Les Diaboliques,1955, 1h57) 
Head Against the Wall by Georges Franju (La Tête contre les murs, 1959, 1h35) 
Viridiana by Luis Buñuel (1961, 1h30)
The Trial by Orson Welles (1962, 1h59) 
Le Doulos/ The Finger Man by Jean-Pierre Melville (Le Doulos, 1963, 1h48) 
Planet of the Vampires by Mario Bava (Terrore nello spazio, 1965, 1h28) 
Mysterious Encounter by Pupi Avati (L’arcano incantatore, 1996, 1h36) 
Master class
Meet Guillermo del Toro


Invitation to Eddy Mitchell
Guest of honor of the opening night
Coup de torchon by Bertrand Tavernier (1981, 2h08)
Meet with Eddy Mitchell
Invitation to Charles Aznavour
Un taxi pour Tobrouk by Denys de La Patellière (1961, 1h35)
To Die of Love by André Cayatte (Mourir d'aimer, 1971, 1h50)
Head Against the Wall by Georges Franju (La Tête contre les murs, 1959, 1h35)
Meet with Charles Aznavour 
French cinema by Bertrand Tavernier

My Journeys Through French Cinema (ep. 1 and 2) – « Mes cinéastes de chevet, 1 et 2 » by Bertrand Tavernier (Voyages à travers le cinéma français, 2017, 1h54) 
My Journeys Through French Cinema (ep. 3 and 4) – « Les chansons, Julien Duvivier » and « Le cinéma sous l’Occupation, l’avant et l’après-guerre » by Bertrand Tavernier (Voyages à travers le cinéma français, 2017, 1h50) 
My Journeys Through French Cinema (ep. 5 and 6) – « La nouvelle vague de l’Occupation » and « Les Oubliés » by Bertrand Tavernier (Voyages à travers le cinéma français, 2017, 1h49) 
My Journeys Through French Cinema (ep. 7 and 8) – « Les Méconnus » and « Mes années 60 » by Bertrand Tavernier (Voyages à travers le cinéma français, 2017, 1h52) 
Coup de torchon by Bertrand Tavernier (1981, 2h08) 
Alfonso Cuaron presents
The Secret Formula by Rubén Gámez (La fórmula secreta, 1964, 45min) 
Jean-Pierre Melville Centenary
Bob the Gambler by Jean-Pierre Melville (Bob le flambeur, 1956, 1h38) 
Le Doulos/ The Finger Man by Jean-Pierre Melville (Le Doulos,1963, 1h48) 
Nicolas Winding Refn presents
Night Tide by Curtis Harrington (1961, 1h26) 
The Nest of the Cuckoo Birds by Bert Williams (1965, 1h21) 

Special features

The CNC turns 70
Chronique d’un monde d’images by Christian Guyonnet (2017, 59min) 
Short films
Une brève histoire des courts métrages (1951-1999, 1h42) 
King Kong by Michel Le Bris
King Kong by Merian C. Cooper and Ernest B. Schoedsack (1933, 1h40) 
Animated film
Raining Cats and Frogs by Jacques-Rémy Girerd (La prophétie des grenouilles, 2003, 1h30) 
Master class: "20 years of cinema animation in France" by Jean-Paul Commin


Film music: Giorgio Moroder

Midnight Express by Alan Parker (1978, 2h01
Giorgio Moroder Presents Metropolis by Fritz Lang (1927-1984, 1h23) 

Epic Screenings

The Count of Monte-Cristo by Robert Vernay (Le comte de Monte-Cristo, Part 1 La Trahison 1h35 – Part 2 La Vengeance 1h27, 1954, 3h02)
A Monkey in Winter by Henri Verneuil (Un singe en hiver, 1962, 1h45) 
1900 by Bernardo Bertolucci (Novecento, 1976, 5h16, Part 1: 2h42 – Part 2: 2h34) 
Close Encounters of the Third Kind (director's cut) by Steven Spielberg (1977, 2h17) 
Chariots of Fire Hugh Hudson (1981, 2h05) 
Reds by Warren Beatty (1981, 3h15) 
The Piano by Jane Campion (1993, 2h01)

New Restorations

L'Ascension du Mont-Blanc (1907, 14min) 
L'Affaire du courrier de Lyon by Claude Autant-Lara and Maurice Lehmann (1937, 1h32) 
Premier de cordée by Louis Daquin (1944, 1h35) 
Monelle by Henri Decoin (Les Amoureux sont seuls au monde, 1948, 1h40) 
Holiday for Henrietta by Julien Duvivier (La Fête à Henriette,1952, 1h50) 
To Die of Love by André Cayatte (Mourir d'aimer, 1971, 1h50) 
The Flesh of the Orchid by Patrice Chéreau (La Chair de l’orchidée,1975, 2h) 
Annie Hall by Woody Allen (1977, 1h33) 
Le Pont du Nord by Jacques Rivette (1981, 2h09) 
All Fired Up by Jean-Paul Rappeneau (Tout feu, tout flamme, 1982, 1h48) 
Master class
"10 years of digital restorations" by Gaumont and Eclair-restoration division


Two Women by Vittorio De Sica (La ciociara, 1960, 1h40) 
Bell’ Antonio by Mauro Bolognini (Il Bell'Antonio, 1960, 1h35) 
Blast of Silence by Allen Baron (1961, 1h17) 
A Taste of Honey by Tony Richardson (1h41) 
A Child is Waiting by John Cassavetes (1963, 1h42) 
I Even Met Happy Gypsies by Aleksandar Petrovic (Skupljaci perja, 1967, 1h22) 
The Runner by Amir Naderi (Davandeh, 1984, 1h34) 

Archival treasures and curiosities

Pieces of Love by Ivan Cherkelov (Parcheta lyubov, 1989, 1h31) 
The White Reindeer by Erik Blomberg (Valkoinen peura, 1952, 1h08) 
Merry-Go-Round by Zoltán Fábri (Körhinta, 1956, 1h30) 
Vers l'inconnu ? by Georges Nasser (Ila Ayn ?, 1957, 1h20) 
A Certain Nasser by Badih Massaad and Antoine Waked (Un certain Nasser, 2017, 1h) 
Czech Republic
The Shop on Main Street by Ján Kadár and Elmar Klos (Obchod na Korze, 1965, 2h08) 
The Bloody Lady by Viktor Kubal (Krvavá pani, 1980, 1h14) 

The All-Nighter “Outer Space”

Gravity by Alfonso Cuarón (2013, 1h31) 
Interstellar by Christopher Nolan (2014, 2h49)
Star Trek by J.J. Abrams (2009, 2h07) 
The Martian by Ridley Scott (2015, 2h24)

My very own festival – Lumière for Kids

Halle Tony Garnier
The Lion King by Roger Allers and Rob Minkoff (In French, 1994, 1h28) 
Disney and France
The AristoCats by Wolfgang Reitherman (In French, 1970, 1h18) 
Beauty and the Beast by Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise (In French, 1991, 1h24) 
The Hunchback of Notre Dame by Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise (In French, 1996, 1h31) 
Ratatouille by Brad Bird and Jan Pikava (In French, 2007, 1h51) 
The films of Buster Keaton and Harold Lloyd

Documentaries on the cinema

Water and Sugar: Carlo Di Palma, the Colours of Life by Fariborz Kamkari (Acqua e Zucchero : Carlo Di Palma, i colori della vita, 2016, 1h30) 
Anna Karina souviens-toi by Dennis Berry (2017, 54min) 
Filmworker by Tony Zierra (2017, 1h34) 
Gene Tierney a Forgotten Star by Clara and Julia Kuperberg (2017, 52min) 
Jean Douchet, l'enfant agité (Restless Child) by Fabien Hagège, Guillaume Namur and Vincent Haasser (2017, 1h25) 
La Continental : le mystère Greven by Claudia Collao (2017, 52min) 
Le Nouveau Monde by Vincent Sorrel (2017, 1h10) 
Le Scandale Clouzot by Pierre-Henri Gibert (2017, 52min) 
Rappeneau par Rappeneau by Jérôme Wybon (2017, 1h30) 


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