Special screenings

KING KONG 1933 07
70 years of the CNC 

The National Center for Cinema and the Moving Image regulates, supports and promotes the cinema. The CNC proposes a fascinating documentary to take us through the past 70 years of films.

Chronique d’un monde d’images by Christian Guyonnet (2017, 59min) 
This film is a testament to the richness and vitality of the French cinema, through interviews with great filmmakers and excerpts of works that have left their mark on cinema history.
Institut Lumière Fri. 20 at 9:30am


Short films

A selection of eclectic short films, of varying genres, eras and countries, directed by Jane Campion, Joris Ivens or Xavier Giannoli.

Une brève histoire des courts métrages (1951-1999, 1h42) 
A selection of short films curated by Christian Jeune, director of the Film Department of the Cannes Film Festival, and Jacques Kermabon, editor of the magazine Bref:
Miroir of Hollande by Bert Haanstra (Spiegel van Holland, 1951, Netherlands)
The Seine Meets Paris by Joris Ivens (La Seine a rencontré Paris, 1958, France)
Pas de deux by Norman McLaren (1968, Canada)
Harpya by Raoul Servais (1979, Belgium)
Peel by Jane Campion (1986, Australia)
L’Interview by Xavier Giannoli (1998, France)
When the Day Breaks by Amanda Forbis and Wendy Tilby (1999, Canada)
Lumière Bellecour Tue. 19 at 4:45pm I Comoedia Fri. 20 at 11am


King Kong by Michel Le Bris

Invitation to Michel Le Bris, writer and founder of the literary festival of Saint-Malo, "Etonnants voyageurs,” and author of the recently published Kong (Grasset Editions).

King Kong by Merian C. Cooper and Ernest B. Schoedsack (1933, 1h40) 
A beautiful blond is hired to be the star of a movie. The team joins Skull Island, a mysterious place where a legendary creature supposedly lives... Mythical and
poetic, the captivating first version of King Kong.
Lumière Terreaux Tue. 17 at 2pm I Institut Lumière Wed. 18 at 11:15am


Books: French animation

A special animated film on the occasion of the publication of Kirikou et après, vingt ans de cinéma d’animation en France (Actes Sud / Institut Lumière) in October.

Raining Cats and Frogs by Jacques-Rémy Girerd (2003, 1h30)
The frogs try to warn the humans of an imminent catastrophe before it’s too late... A sweet and beautiful fable about tolerance and ecology, by this master of French animation. To discover with the whole family.
Institut Lumière Mon. 16 at 11am

Master class

“20 years of cinema of animation in France” by Jean-Paul Commin. 
Villa Lumière Mon. 16 at 2:30pm

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