Sublime moments of silent film

Silent movies set to music with cinema concerts (“cine-concerts”) at the Auditorium: Two Harold Lloyd evenings, one with the National Orchestra of Lyon, the other accompanied on the organ (In collaboration with Carlotta Films); the continuation of last year’s Buster Keaton program, with the Cineteca di Bologna and Cohen Films; a program of first color films from the early 20th century; and a film apiece from René Clair and Allan Dwan.




L’Ascension du Mont-Blanc (1907, 14min)  
This rare testimony shows images of a mountain expedition in the early 20th century, revealing the methods and material of the time.
Institut Lumière Sat. 21 at 11am followed by Premier de cordée by Louis Daquin

The Italian Straw Hat by René Clair (Un chapeau de paille d’Italie, 1928, 1h55)
Fadinard's horse chews up Anaïs's straw hat. The latter, in gallant company, fears the disappearance of the hat will awaken the suspicions of her husband... René Clair transforms the vaudeville of Labiche into a jewel of the burlesque.
Lumière Fourmi Wed. 18 at 7pm I Pathé Bellecour Thu. 19 at 2:45pm

The Iron Mask by Allan Dwan (1929, 1h43) 
The birth of twins at the court of Louis XIII represents a threat to the throne of France... A vibrant adaptation of Dumas’ work, with Douglas Fairbanks, impressive in the role of D'Artagnan.

Pathé Bellecour Wed. 18 at 2:30pm I Villa Lumière Sun. 22 at 4:45pm

Kinemacolor (1905-1917, 1h20)  
For the first time, a program of films featuring the first color flicks, proposed by the Cineteca di Bologna.
Institut Lumière Tue. 17 at 11:30am


Retrospective Harold Lloyd

Feature Films

Safety Last! by Fred C. Newmeyer and Sam Taylor (1923, 1h10)   
Harold leaves his small town to fulfill the promise made to his fiancée: to become somebody. A simple fabric seller, he tries to hide the truth when she visits him... Harold Lloyd, hanging from the hands of a giant clock is a classic image of the burlesque.
Auditorium de Lyon Sun. 22 at 11am

Why Worry? by Fred C. Newmeyer and Sam Taylor (1923, 1h)  
Harry von Pelham, a wealthy hypochondriac, arrives at Paradisio in hopes of regaining his health. Just one problem- Paradisio is in full coup d'état... Featuring a fanciful, phlegmatic and inventive Harold Lloyd.
Comœdia Mon. 16 at 2:30pm I Cinéma Opéra Thu. 19 at 2:30pm

Girl Shy by Fred C. Newmeyer and Sam Taylor (1924, 1h22)  
Harold, a painfully shy man with the opposite sex, has written a manual on seduction, which he intends to publish. On the way, he will meet the love of his life. And between theory and practice, there is a world of difference... Hilarious!
Institut Lumière Sun. 15 at 2:15pm, a cine-concert I Cinéma Opéra Tue. 17 at 2:30pm

The Freshman by Fred C. Newmeyer and Sam Taylor (1925, 1h16)  
Harold, a college freshman is the butt of jokes at school. A strong performance at the school American football game will boost his popularity... Stunts and perilous situations in succession at a vertiginous rate, in a joyfully unconventional film!
Comœdia Thu. 19 at 11am I Pathé Bellecour Sat. 21 at 11:15, a cine-concert

The Kid Brother by Lewis Milestone and Ted Wilde (1926, 1h24)  
Harold, the sickly and awkward youngest boy among his robust siblings, will attempt to help exonerate his father, Sheriff Hickory, accused of embezzlement... Touching, hilarious, with ceaseless gags, carried out meticulously. One of Lloyd's greatest achievements.
Auditorium de Lyon Wed. 18 at 8pm, a cine-concert

Speedy by Ted Wilde (1927, 1h26)   
Speedy sets about saving the last New York streetcar, driven by Pop Dillon, his fiancée's grandfather... A race against time, accelerated by modernization, and a final epic battle.
Pathé Bellecour Fri. 20 at 2pm, a cine-concert I Villeurbanne Sun. 22 at 10:30am


Short films, program 1 (48min)

Captain Kidd’s Kids by Hal Roach (1919)  
Harold is taken prisoner on a boat of women pirates whose captain is none other than his mother-in-law...

Followed by 
The Marathon by Alf Goulding (1919) 
Bebe's parents want to marry off their daughter. They organize a contest for the suitors where all the notables go, to the dismay of Harold, of humble background...

Followed by
Just Neighbors by Harold Lloyd et Frank Terry (1919)  
Harold and his neighbor, a chicken breeder, get along just fine, until the day the former’s dog stirs up a ruckus in the chicken coop...

Followed by
By the Sad Sea Waves by Alf Goulding (1917)   
The girls only have eyes for the lifeguard. To compete with this pretentious fop, Harold decides to don the lifeguard swimsuit...
Villa Lumière Sat. 14 at 5pm I Meyzieu Wed. 18 at 7pm, a cine-concert I Cinéma Opéra Sat. 21 at 4:30pm


Short films, program 2 (1h17)

Get Out and Get Under by Hal Roach (1920)  
Harold, terribly late, finds himself at the wheel of his new car. Get out of the way and not be on his path!

Followed by
An Eastern Westerner by Hal Roach (1920)   
Harold, an irresponsible daddy’s boy, is sent out to the boonies in the west, where firing shots at the same person the same day, twice, is frowned upon...

Followed by
Never Weaken by Fred C. Newmeyer and Sam Taylor (1921)   
Believing Mildred no longer loves him, Harold decides to end his life... The last short film Harold Lloyd acted in.
Lumière Bellecour Mon. 16 at 4:45pm I Villa Lumière Tue. 17 at 4:15pm


Buster Keaton, Part 2

Feature films

The Navigator by Donald Crisp and Buster Keaton (1924, 1h05)  
His attentions rebuffed by Betsy, Rollo leaves to console himself on a cruise on a gigantic steamer. On board, he comes across Betsy... A film swinging between burlesque and sweet fantasy, Keaton’s biggest success.
Pathé Bellecour Fri. 20 at 7:30pm, a cine-concert I Ecully Sun. 22 at 3pm, a cine-concert

Battling Butler by Buster Keaton (1926, 1h17)  
Alfred falls in love with a pretty girl. Wishing to please her, he decides to pretend to be a boxing champion... A great success upon its release, making use of the classic burlesque theme, the "boxer despite himself.”
Institut Lumière Wed. 18 at 9:30am, a cine-concert I Pathé Bellecour Sun. 22 at 2:30pm, a cine-concert


Program of short films (58min)

The Goat by Buster Keaton and Malcolm St. Clair (1921)
A man struck with bad luck is taken for a criminal. He must escape the police by any tactics necessary… even illegal ones... One of Keaton’s best “pursuit” films.

Followed by
Neighbors by Edward F. Cline and Buster Keaton (1920)  
A young couple exchanges sweet words through a palisade, but their romance is short-lived whentheir respective parents get involved... An explosive display of chases, stunts and falls in this humorous take on Romeo and Juliet.

Followed by
The Frozen North by Edward F. Cline and Buster Keaton (1922)  
A cynical, envious and cruel man tries to sow terror in the far north... Keaton puts aside his role of victim to play a wicked and awkward executioner. The result is still funny.
Corbas Fri. 20 at 8:30pm, a cine-concert I Pathé Bellecour Sat. 21 at 7pm, a cine-concert



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